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Dishes Are My Side Hustle - A Poem

Apr 14, 2023

Dishes Are My Side Hustle

by: Nick Massie


I’m the meal prep master, I cook with muscle.

The best part about it? Dishes are my side hustle.


My scrubby, my towel, my Dawn And my rag,

The fun never ends And life’s not a drag! 


While my main gig is food, I cook for all of my dates, 

On the side I specialize In pots and plates.


Hot soapy water’s The best place to start.

Wash, rinse and dry, I do it all with heart!


Just when I think I’m done, Life’s not boring and dull,

I get the good news… The dishwasher’s full!


But is it clean or dirty? I need to know.

So I can plan out the fun, Which way do I go?


If they’re dirty, then I’m sad, Cuz there’s nothing to do.

Just pop in the packet, My work here is through.


If they’re clean, then I’m pumped, It’s time for more fun,

Sort, stack, and put away, The job’s almost done.


Wipe up the counters, Clean the stove and sink.

It was so much fun, It was like I blinked.


Breakfast is over,  I did my best.

I’m blowing this joint, It’s time to rest.


As I’m leaving the kitchen, Proud cuz I washed a bunch,

In walk the kids and say, “What’s for lunch?”


But I don’t get upset, I don’t start a tussle,

Cuz while I don’t get paid, Dishes are my side hustle.