Culinary Ninja Course

An in-person Culinary Boot Camp designed to make you better inside and out!

Learn Kitchen Basics To Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain muscle, or simply feel great, the principles taught in this course will have you well on your way! 

We are happiest when we cook for ourselves and Nick shows you why. He brings fun to the plate and delivers morsels of knowledge that will simplify your life and your time in the kitchen.

Nutrition Talk

Hear a Chef's Perspective on nutrition as Nick breaks down the basics of calories, grams and getting going. He'll also share his illustrated poem.

Cooking Demo

Aside from cooking your own meals, watch as Nick demonstrates how to prepare Massie Mayo and then incorporate it into a delectable lunch.

Food, Friends and Fun!

Learning is the priority, but we learn best when we are well fueled and having fun. Sign up with your friend as you will share a table (and a pot) with one other person.

Turn2CrossFit - February 9 & 10, 2024

The first calendar event of the year will take place at the gym of one of the world's fittest - Tony Turski.

With a Friday night Nutrition Lecture and a Saturday Cooking Class, this will be one for the books!

Turn2CrossFit - Nutrition Lecture


Friday, February 9 - 6 - 8:30PM

  • Includes Dinner.
  • Good Time Guaranteed.

Turn2CrossFit - Hands-On Cooking Class


Saturday, February 10 - 10AM - 4PM

  • Includes Lunch.
  • 16 Take-home meals.

Hands-On Cooking Class + Nutrition Lecture


Friday Night and Saturday

  • Friday Nutrition Lecture.
  • Saturday Cooking Class.

Turn2CrossFit - Cooking Class Add-On


Saturday Cooking Class

  • Share a spot with a friend.
  • Learn just as much!

"We are happiest when we cook for ourselves."

Learn to cook and improve your quality of life.

Okay. Show me the way!